Snilleriket Smed Storsjöbygden Foto- Mårten Wikner

Berg Municipality

24 augusti, 2018
Text: Jämtland Härjedalen Turism
The Bingsta Smithy – A complete gun smithy at the homestead museum in Hoverberg. Photo: Mårten Wikner

Svenstavik is the center of the municipality of Berg, which has been named after mount Hoverberg, a peninsula in Storsjön with a characteristic mountain peak. Berg´s municipality has just over 7,000 inhabitants employed in service and trade, and there are great opportunities for an active lifestyle in the vicinity of water, forests and mountains.


Berg´s municipality has tourism mainly in the destinations of Södra Storsjöbygden, Ljungdalsfjällen and Vemdalen (on the border of Härjedalen Municipality). Summer tourism includes attractions, activities and events that appeal to the whole family. Winter tourism is also strong thanks to the range of events, ski trails, alpine ski resorts, etc. The range of accommodation facilities includes hotels, guest houses, cottages, hostels and camping. In Berg there are the following destinations: Södra Storsjöbygden, Ljungdalsfjällen, Vemdalen (located on the border with Härjedalen Municipality) and Bydalsfjällen (situated on the border with Åre municipality).


Berg is a management municipality for Sami language, meaning for example signage, Schooling, government service etc in both Swedish and Sami.

Getting to Berg

Road E45 crosses the municipality. The nearest airport is Åre Östersund and railway stations are located in Rätan, Svenstavik, Hackås and Östersund.

Bordering Municipalities

The municipality borders Norway in the west, Åre and Östersund municipalities in the north, Bräcke municipality in the east and Härjedalen municipality in the south.

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