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Destination Sveg – Eastern Härjedalen

12 augusti, 2018
Text: Jämtland Härjedalen Turism
Photo: Destination Sveg
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The destination encompasses the eastern part of the community Härjedalen with Hogdalsbygden, Lillhärdal and Sveg. The main community in the area, Sveg, has a variety of shops, restaurants, cafés, places to stay, city fishing, adventure pools (indoors) and sports arenas for winter and summer. In the destination there are several old homestead museums, villages with a large amount of older log houses and interesting church-buildings. There are hiking and fishing opportunities as well as XC skiing in the forests bordering to the ski resorts in the western part of the Swedish landscape called Härjedalen.

Travel to Sveg 

By car or bus. Trains to Svegs railway station (Inlandsbanan). Fly to Svegs airport, Åre/Östersund airport or Trondheim Vaernes airport and transfer by taxi or rental car.

Tourist Information in Sveg

Destination Sveg has has an authorized Tourist Information with strategically placed InfoPoints around the destination.

E-mail to the Tourist Information in Sveg

+46 (0)70-622 05 00