blomstervandring ansätten anneli åman

Krokom Municipality

23 augusti, 2018
Text: Jämtland Härjedalen Turism
Photo: Anneli Åman

Krokom is a hunting and fishing community attractive both for summer and winter tours. Here you will find magnificent scenery, sights, events, clean air, fresh water and plenty of space. Today there are about 14,500 people in Krokom municipality. The municipality grows populously and there are extensive new housing developments in the municipality areas of Ås, Rödön and Dvärsätt bordering on Östersund. Opportunities are good for quality housing, entrepreneurship, education, care, work and leisure. Krokom municipality operates the tourist information for the municipality.


Krokom is a management municipality for Sami language, meaning for example signage, Schooling, government service etc in both Swedish and Sami.

Getting to Krokom

Road E14 crosses the municipality. The nearest airports are Åre Östersund and Trondheim Vaernes Airport in Norway. The railway station is located in Krokom.

Bordering Municipalities

The municipality borders on Åre municipality and Norway to the west, Strömsund municipality in the north, Östersund in the east and Lake Storsjön in the south.

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