Döda fallet Nicklas kullman

Ragunda Valley

8 augusti, 2018
Text: Jämtland Härjedalen Turism
Döda fallet (the Dead Falls). Photo: Nicklas Kullman

Ragunda has some rather unusual attractions like the waterfall without water (Döda fallet/the Dead falls), a Thai Pavillion in the middle of the swedish birch forest in Utanede, a haunted Vicary in Borgvattnet, wooden castles in the village of Skyttmon, a Hollywood-sign above the community, spelling “Hammarstrand”. The climbing in Stugun on Stuguberget is worth a journey as is the power plant museum in Krångede with stories from the industrialisation of Sweden and the importance hydro power made in the process.

In winter there is XC and Alpine Skiing, Snowmobiling and Ice Fishing to explore.

Travel to Ragunda

By car or bus. Trains to Östersund railway station. Fly to Åre/Östersund airport or Trondheim Vaernes airport and transfer by taxi or rental car.

Tourist Information in Ragunda

The community Ragunda has an authorized Tourist Information with strategically placed InfoPoints around the community.


E-mail to Ragunda Tourist Information

+46 (0)696 – 68 10 90

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