Norrsken William Falk

Ragunda Municipality

23 augusti, 2018
Text: Jämtland Härjedalen Turism
Photo: William Falk

Ragunda municipality is located in the eastern part of Jämtland and has three towns: Bispgården, Hammarstrand and Stugun. The municipality has more than 10,000 inhabitants and is 90 km west to east and about 50 km north to south with a surface area of ​​2,527 square kilometers, which means about 2 people per square kilometer. The landscape is hilly with mountains and valleys around the rivers and waters.

In Ragunda municipality there is a long tradition of entrepreneurship in the manufacturing industry and IT.


Ragunda municipality has a number of summer attractions like Döda Fallet, the Thai Pavilion, the Zorb Center, the haunted Priest Farm in Borgvattnet etc. Hiking, fishing and events also attracts. In winter time there is skiing and ice fishing. The range of accommodation facilities includes hotels, boarding houses, cottages, hostels and camping. Ragunda municipality operates the tourist information of the municipality.

Getting to Ragunda

Road 87 crosses the municipality. The nearest airports are Åre Östersund and Sundsvall Midlanda airports, the nearest train stations are located in Östersund, Bräcke and Sundsvall.

Bordering Municipalities

The municipality borders on the municipalities of Östersund and Strömsund in the west, Strömsund municipality in the north and the municipality of Bräcke in the south. To the east, the municipality borders towards Medelpad in Västernorrland County.

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