Paddling på Storsjön. Foto: Lars Häreblad

Södra (Southern) Storsjöbygden

11 augusti, 2018
Text: Jämtland Härjedalen Turism
Kayak on lake Storsjön. Photo: Lars Häreblad
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Mount Hoverberget is on a peninsula in the southern tip of lake Storsjön, it´s 548 m. a. s. l. and is a landmark for the area. In summer there is the elusive cleft cave in the mountain lit in a multitude of colours, Rämnan – the crevice in the mountain shaping a microclimate for rare flora, hiking paths and the homestead museum with a complete gun smithy. In Svenstavik you can learn more about the elusive monster of lake Storsjön – Storsjöodjuret at the observation center.

The whole are boasts from a range of cultural and musical events and you see traces of all the geniuses who have been active in the area, for example at the woodworker´s center Wikners in Persåsen with hotel, cabins, conference and restaurant and at Hovermo farmstead museum.

In winter there is skiing in Gräftåvallen and year round you can enjoy the foods of Hävvi in Glen inspired by Sami cooking.

Travel to Södra Storsjöbygden in the Municipality Berg

By car or bus. Trains to Östersund railway station. Fly to Åre/Östersund airport or Trondheim Vaernes airport and transfer by taxi or rental car.

Tourist Information in Södra Storsjöbygden

Södra Storsjöbygden Tourism Association has has an authorized Tourist Information with strategically placed InfoPoints around the destination.

E-mail to Södra Storsjöbygden

+46 (0)72 – 501 08 33

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