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Om projektet: SUB – Sustainable Arctic and Peripheral Biking Tourism

2 oktober, 2023
Text: Mia Wiktor Lunde
Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

Tourism is a pivotal industry in arctic and peripheral areas. Especially biking tourism is an emerging sector having potential to contribute to economic diversification and resilience in remote areas. The project aims to support the sustainable growth of biking tourism sector in the NPA areas. During the project, the partner consortium togerther with different biking tourism actors will explore, pilot and test the marketplace possibilities and practical solutions in sustainable biking tourism development. 

The project is executed through a 3-phase approach:

WP1: Transnational best practices model to perform sustainable biking business within the NPA regions

This WP examines and renews the tools and methods to sustainably develop the internal and external operational environment of micro and SMEs working in the field of biking tourism.

WP2: Capacity building in the entrepreunial skills and business models for SUB

This WP supports the capacity building of micro and SMEs working in the field of biking tourism based on the findings of WP1. During this WP the project launches a capacity building programme to exchange experiences and develop sector specific knowhow in entrepreunial skills and digital solutions.

WP3: SUB network and clustering collaboration practices supporting the greater market reach

This WP supports the development of transnational collaboration networks in sustainable biking tourism to support the joint development and exchange of experiences. During this WP the project launches a voucher scheme to support the implementation of learnings in capacity building scheme in micro and SMEs.

The learnings and outcomes of SUB will be combined to regional sustainable biking tourism master plans. The master plans will guide the areal development in coming years.

The SUB Lead Partner is the Local Federation of East Lapland from Finland. SUB partners are from Finland (Natural Resources Institute of Finland), Iceland (Federation of Regional Authorities NW Iceland), Faroe Islands (Visit Torshavn), Sweden (Jämtland Härjedalen Tourism) and Ireland (Donegal County Council). The project duration is from 06/2023 to 05/2026. The total budget is 1 876 079 euros. The project is funded by NPA – Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme 2021 -2027 by 1 475 373 euros and project partners.

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